Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With W With Meaning

Browse Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With W In Sanskrit / Baby Girl Names Hindu Modern Starting With W or Latest W Letter Names For Girl Hindu With Meaning. In this post you will see that all girl name letters start with "W" (gender, religion and meaning of name).

Hindu Names For Girls W Gender Meaning Religion
Wafiya Girl Loyal Hindu
Wageesha Girl Goddess Saraswati, Pure Heart Hindu
Wajihah Girl Eminent Hindu
Wakeeta Girl Beautiful Flower Hindu
Wali Girl Protector Hindu
Wamika Girl Goddess Durga Hindu
Wamil Girl Beautiful Hindu
Warda Girl Rose Hindu
Warhi Girl Goddess Durga Hindu
Watika Girl Garden Hindu
Waydika Girl Knowledge Full Hindu
Wendy Girl Friend Hindu
Wijdan Girl Ecstasy Hindu
Willona Girl Meaning Unknown Hindu
Wimal Girl Trust Hindu
Wini Girl Winer Hindu
Winoma Girl A Lady Name Hindu
Wisal Girl Communion In Love Hindu
Wishi Girl Fulfill Wish Hindu
Womayaal Girl Meaning Unknown Hindu
Worda Girl Rose Hindu
Writu Girl Season Hindu
Wrushali Girl Give Happiness, Prosperity Hindu
Wubitu Girl Beautiful Hindu
Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names W List, this list contains 24 names and meanings.


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