Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With R

Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With R In Sanskrit / Unique Name Start With R For Girl Hindu, Or Latest R Letter Names For Girl Hindu With Meaning. In this post you will see that all girl name letters start with "R" (gender, religion and meaning of name).   

Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With R With Meaning In Sanskrit / Unique Name Start With R For Girl Hindu, Or Latest R Letter Names For Girl Hindu.

Names (Unique & Latest R Letter Names For Girl Hindu With Meaning) Gender Meaning Religion
Rabhya Girl Worshipped Hindu
Rabia Girl Famous Woman Saint Hindu
Rachana Girl Creation Hindu
Rachika Girl Creator Hindu
Rachita Girl Created Hindu
Rachna Girl Construction Hindu
Raddhi Girl Love Hindu
Radha Girl Lord Krishna'S Lover Hindu
Radhana Girl Speech Hindu
Radhani Girl Worship Hindu
Radhika Girl Radha Hindu
Raga Girl Harmonious Hindu
Ragamaya Girl Tull Of Passion Hindu
Rageshwari Girl Goddess Of Melody Hindu
Rageswari Girl Goddess Of Melody Hindu
Ragi Girl Loving Hindu
Ragini Girl Melody Hindu
Raima Girl Pleasing Hindu
Rajakanya Girl Princess Hindu
Raja Girl King Hindu
Rajakumari Girl Princess Hindu
Rajalakshmi Girl Goddess Lakshmi Hindu
Rajanigandha Girl Night Blossoming Flower Hindu
Rajani Girl Night Hindu
Rajashree Girl Royalty Hindu
Rajashri Girl Royalty Hindu
Rajasi Girl Worthy Of A King Hindu
Rajasri Girl Grandeur Hindu
Rajata Girl Silver Hindu
Rajavi Girl Royal Bird Hindu
Rajdulari Girl Dear Princess Hindu
Rajeshri Girl Queen Hindu
Rajeshwari Girl Goddess Parvati Hindu
Rajhansa Girl Swan Hindu
Rajika Girl Lamp Hindu
Rajinder Girl King Indra Hindu
Raji Girl Shining Hindu
Rajita Girl Bright Hindu
Rajitha Girl Illuminated Hindu
Rajkumari Girl Princess Hindu
Rajnandhini Girl Princess Hindu
Rajnandini Girl Princess Hindu
Rajni Girl Night Hindu
Rajshri Girl Sage Hindu
Rajul Girl Brilliant Hindu
Rajyalakshmi Girl Wealth Of A State Hindu
Raka Girl Full Moon Hindu
Rakhi Girl Bond Of Protection Hindu
Raksha Girl Protection Hindu
Rakshasamardini Girl Destroyer Of Demons Hindu
Rakshee Girl To Guard Hindu
Rakshita Girl Protection Hindu
Rakshi Girl To Guard Hindu
Raksita Girl Protected Hindu
Raksit Girl Protected Hindu
Rakta Girl Painted Hindu
Rakti Girl Pleasing Hindu
Ramaa Girl Goddess Lakshmi Hindu
Ramadevi Girl Goddess Of Beauty, Lovely, Pulchritude, Garnishee Hindu
Rama Girl Goddess Lakshmi Hindu
Ramana Girl Enchanting Hindu
Ramani Girl Beautiful Girl Hindu
Ramanika Girl Handsome Hindu
Rambha Girl Name Of An Apsara Hindu
Rameshwari Girl Parvati Hindu
Ramila Girl Lover Hindu
Ramini Girl Beautiful Woman Hindu
Ramita Girl Pleasing Hindu
Ramra Girl Splendour Hindu
Ramya Girl Beautiful Hindu
Rangana Girl Happy Hindu
Rangat Girl Colorful Hindu
Rangati Girl Passionate Hindu
Rangavalli Girl Rangoli Hindu
Rangita Girl Charming Hindu
Rangitha Girl Charmed Hindu
Ranhita Girl Quick Hindu
Ranhitha Girl Swift Hindu
Rania Girl Contented Hindu
Rani Girl Queen Hindu
Ranita Girl Tinkling Hindu
Ranjana Girl Enjoyment Hindu
Ranjika Girl Exciting Hindu
Ranjini Girl Pleasing Hindu
Ranjita Girl Adorned Hindu
Rano Girl Early Hindu
Ranva Girl Pleasant Hindu
Ranvita Girl Joyous Hindu
Ranvitha Girl Joyous Hindu
Ranya Girl Pleasant Hindu
Rasa Girl Dew Hindu
Rasajna Girl Artistic Hindu
Rasana Girl Beam Of Light Hindu
Rashana Girl Rope Hindu
Rashi Girl A Collection Of Wealth Hindu
Rashmi- Girl A First Ray Of Sun Hindu
Rashmika Girl Ray Of Light Hindu
Rashmi Girl Sun Rays Hindu
Rasika Girl Connoisseur Hindu
Rasmi Girl Beam Of Moon Hindu
Rasmika Girl Small Beam Of Moon Hindu
Rasna Girl Ray Hindu
Ratanjali Girl Red Sandal Wood Hindu
Ratchika Girl Protector Hindu
Rathika Girl Satisfied Hindu
Rati Girl Joy Hindu
Ratnabala Girl Jewelled Hindu
Ratnabali Girl String Of Pearls Hindu
Ratna Girl Gem Hindu
Ratnajyoti Girl Light From A Jewel Hindu
Ratnalekha Girl Beauty Of Jewels Hindu
Ratnali Girl A Jewelled Hindu
Ratnamala Girl Jewels Necklace Hindu
Ratnangi Girl Jewel, Gem, Pearl-Bodied Hindu
Ratnaprabha Girl Earth Hindu
Ratnapriva Girl One Who Likes Jewels Hindu
Ratnavali Girl A Bunch Of Gems Hindu
Ratri Girl Night Hindu
Ratrinight Girl A Name For Goddess Durga Hindu
Ratuja Girl Daughter Of Truth Hindu
Ratu Girl Queen Hindu
Ravali Girl So Intelligent Hindu
Raveena Girl Sunny Hindu
Ravichandrika Girl A Garland Of Gems Hindu
Ravija Girl Sun Hindu
Raviprabha Girl Light Of The Sun Hindu
Ravi Girl Sun Hindu
Raya Girl Flow Hindu
Rebha Girl Sings Praises Hindu
Reema Girl Goddess Durga Hindu
Reem Girl  Gazelle Hindu
Reena Girl Gem Hindu
Rekha Girl Line Hindu
Remya Girl Charming Hindu
Reneeka Girl Song Hindu
Renu Girl Atom Hindu
Renuka Girl Mother Of Parasuram Hindu
Resaman Girl Silk Hindu
Resham Girl Silk Hindu
Reshma Girl Silk Hindu
Reshmi Girl Silken Hindu
Reva Girl Sweat Heart Hindu
Revathi Girl Wealth Hindu
Revati Girl Wife Of Balarama Hindu
Rewa Girl Switt Hindu
Rhea Girl Singer Hindu
Rheeya Girl Singer Hindu
Rhia Girl Singer Hindu
Ria Girl Singer Hindu
Richa Girl Chants Hindu
Riddhi Girl Fortunate Hindu
Riddhima Girl Tull Of Love Hindu
Ridhima Girl Full Of Love Hindu
Rijuta Girl Innocence Hindu
Rima Girl Goddess Durga Hindu
Rina Girl Dissolved Rinkal Hindu
Risha Girl Sainty Hindu
Rishika Girl Saintly Hindu
Rishima Girl Moonbeam Hindu
Rishita Girl Saintly Hindu
Rista Girl Sword Hindu
Ritambhara Girl Religious Hindu
Rita Girl Pearl Hindu
Rithika Girl Of A Stream Hindu
Ritika Girl Movement Hindu
Riti Girl Memory Hindu
Ritisha Girl The Goddess Of Truth Hindu
Ritsika Girl Traditional Hindu
Rituparna Girl Leafy Season Hindu
Ritu Girl Season Hindu
Riya Girl Grace, Favor, Complaisanceful Hindu
Rocana Girl Beautiful Woman Hindu
Rochana Girl Beautiful Woman Hindu
Rochani Girl Delighting Hindu
Rochi Girl Light Hindu
Rochira Girl Aura Hindu
Rochiras Girl Aura Hindu
Rociras Girl Aura Hindu
Rodasi Girl The Land, Earth, Ground, Soil, World And Sky Hindu
Rohana Girl Sandalwood Hindu
Rohan Girl Ascending Hindu
Rohanti Girl Climbing Hindu
Rohini Girl Fire, Conflagration, Passion, Lust Hindu
Rohin Girl Rising Hindu
Rohita Girl Brahma'S Daughter Hindu
Rolee Girl Sindoor Hindu
Roma Girl Exalted Hindu
Romila Girl Hearttfelt Hindu
Romola Girl Roman Woman Hindu
Roopa Girl Blessed With Beauty Hindu
Roopali Girl Pretty Hindu
Roop Girl Appearance Hindu
Roopini Girl Beautiful Appearance Hindu
Rosana Girl Rose Hindu
Roshana Girl Bright Hindu
Roshan Girl Bright Hindu
Roshani Girl Lighting Hindu
Roshna Girl Bright Hindu
Roshni Girl Light Hindu
Royina Girl Rising Hindu
Rubaina Girl Bright Hindu
Ruca Girl Splendor, Grandeur, Magnificence, Bravery Hindu
Rucha Girl Splander Hindu
Ruchi Girl Interest Hindu
Ruchika Girl Shining Hindu
Ruchira Girl Beautiful Hindu
Ruchita Girl Curiosity Hindu
Ruchitha Girl Bright Hindu
Rudhi Girl Rise Hindu
Rudrabhiravi Girl Goddess Durga Hindu
Rudrakali Girl Goddess Durga Hindu
Rudra Girl Lord Shiva Hindu
Rudrani Girl Consort Of Rudra Hindu
Rudrapriya Girl Beloved Of Rudra Hindu
Rudrapriva Girl Goddess Durga Hindu
Rudrasakha Girl Friend Of Rudra Hindu
Rudrasi Girl Red Hindu
Rugu Girl Soft Hindu
Rugvedi Girl Type Of A Veda Hindu
Ruha Girl Grown Hindu
Ruhani Girl Spiritual Hindu
Ruhika Girl Desire Hindu
Ruhin Girl Spiritual Hindu
Ruhi Girl Soul Hindu
Rujula Girl Who Endows Wealth Hindu
Rujuta Girl Honesty Hindu
Rukhmani Girl Wife Of Lord Krishna Hindu
Rukhmini Girl Goddess Laxmi Hindu
Rukma Girl Gold Hindu
Rukmini Girl Wife Of Krishna Hindu
Ruksana Girl Brilliant Rushda Hindu
Ruma Girl Vedic Hymn Ruth Hindu
Rupa Girl Beauty, Lovely, Pulchritude, Garnishee Rutva Hindu
Rupali Girl Beautiful Rutvi Hindu
Rupal Girl Made Of Silver Hindu
Rupashi Girl Beautiful Eererereraes Hindu
Rupashri Girl A Musical Raagini Hindu
Rupasi Girl Beautiful Lady Hindu
Rupa- Girl Silver Hindu
Rupasri Girl Divinely Beautiful Hindu
Rupeshwari Girl Goddess Of Beauty Hindu
Rupi Girl Beauty Hindu
Rupika Girl Piece Of Gold Hindu
Rupinder Girl Beautiful Hindu
Rusham Girl Peaceful Hindu
Rushati Girl White Hindu
Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With R With Meaning In Sanskrit / Unique Name Start With R For Girl Hindu, Or Latest R Letter Names For Girl Hindu, this list contains 246 names and meanings.


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