Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With N In Sanskrit

Unique Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With N In Sanskrit / Latest N Letter Names For Girl Hindu, Or Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With N With Meanings. In this post you will see that all girl name first letters start with "N" (gender, religion and meaning of name).

List Of Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With N In Sanskrit / Latest N Letter Names For Girl Hindu, Or Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With N With Meanings.

Names  (Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With N With Meanings) Gender Meaning Religion
Nabah Girl Sky Hindu
Nabanipa Girl A New Flower Hindu
Nabha Girl Nobel High Hindu
Nabhanya Girl Celestial Hindu
Nabhasi Girl Celestial Hindu
Nabhi Girl Central Hindu
Nabhitha Girl Fearless Hindu
Nabhya Girl Central Hindu
Nachni Girl Dancer Hindu
Nada Girl Generosity Hindu
Nadira Girl Pinnacle Hindu
Nadiya Girl River Hindu
Naganandini Girl Mountain Born Hindu
Naganika Girl Serpent Maiden Hindu
Nagashree Girl Snake Goddess Hindu
Nageshwari Girl Goddess Of Serpents Hindu
Nagila Girl Best Among Serpents Hindu
Nagina Girl Jewel Hindu
Naidhrua Girl Parvati Hindu
Naija Girl Daughter Of Wisdom Hindu
Naima Girl Belonging To One Hindu
Naina Girl Evyes Hindu
Nainika Girl Pupil Of The Eye Hindu
Naishadha Girl Poetry Hindu
Naisha Girl Special Hindu
Naiya Girl Water Or Boat Hindu
Najma Girl Sorry Hindu
Nakanadi Girl Heavenly River Hindu
Nakesha Girl The Lord Of Heaven Hindu
Nakshatra Girl Pearl Hindu
Nakti Girl Night Hindu
Nakula Girl Goddess Parvati Hindu
Nalah Girl Stem Hindu
Nalakini Girl Lotus Lake Hindu
Nala Girl Stem Hindu
Nalika Girl Lotus Hindu
Nalini Girl Lotus Hindu
Namana Girl Bending Hindu
Namasya Girl Worthy Of Salutation Hindu
Nami Girl One Of Vishnu'S Name Hindu
Namita Girl Humble Hindu
Namrah Girl Tigress Hindu
Namrata Girl Politeness Hindu
Namuchi Girl Kama Hindu
Namya Girl To Be Bowed To Hindu
Nanaki Girl Sister Of Nanaka Hindu
Nanda Girl Happiness Hindu
Nandana Girl Daughter Hindu
Nandi Girl Goddess Durga Hindu
Nandika Girl Lakshmi Hindu
Nandini Girl Bestower Of Joy Hindu
Nandita Girl Cheerful Hindu
Nandna Girl Daughter Hindu
Nangai Girl Cultured Lady Hindu
Narayani Girl Durga Hindu
Naresha Girl Lord Of Mankind Hindu
Nari Girl Deed Hindu
Narinder Girl Mighty Man Hindu
Narmada Girl Name Of A River Hindu
Nartan Girl Dance Hindu
Nasika Girl Nose Hindu
Natali Girl Princess Hindu
Natasha Girl Russian For Natalie Hindu
Nata Girl Snake Hindu
Nathasya Girl Without Any Hope Hindu
Nati Girl Bowing Hindu
Nauka Girl Boat Hindu
Nava Girl A Boat Hindu
Navadurga Girl All Nine Forms Of Durga Hindu
Navami Girl New Hindu
Navaneeta Girl Butter Hindu
Naveena Girl New Hindu
Navika Girl New Hindu
Navina Girl Youthful Hindu
Navisha Girl Lord Shiva Hindu
Navistha Girl Youngest Hindu
Navita Girl New Hindu
Naviya Girl New One Hindu
Navneeta Girl Butter Hindu
Navya Girl New Hindu
Nayana Girl Eyes Hindu
Nayantara Girl Twinkling Star In The Eye Hindu
Nayna Girl Icy Hindu
Nayonika Girl One With Expressive Eyes Hindu
Nazima Girl Song Hindu
Needa Girl Grace, Favor, Complaisance Hindu
Neehara Girl Dew Drops Hindu
Neeharika Girl Admired For Looks Hindu
Neelabja Girl Blue Lotus Hindu
Neela Girl Blue Colour Hindu
Neelakshi Girl Blue Hindu
Neelambari Girl A Raagini Hindu
Neelam Girl Sapphire Hindu
Neelanjana Girl Blue Hindu
Neelkamala Girl Blue Lotus Hindu
Neelkamal Girl Blue Lotus Hindu
Neepa Girl A Flower Hindu
Neeraja Girl Lotus Hindu
Neesha Girl Night Hindu
Neeta Girl Within Rules Hindu
Neeti Girl Good Behaviour Hindu
Neha Girl Love Rain Hindu
Nehal Girl Rainy Hindu
Neharika Girl Dew Drops Hindu
Neida Girl Grace, Favor, Complaisance Hindu
Nesha Girl Night Hindu
Neta Girl Plant Hindu
Neti Girl Eternal Hindu
Netra Girl Eyes Hindu
Netravati Girl Beautifuleved Hindu
Netri Girl Beautiful Eyes Hindu
Nibha Girl Resembling Hindu
Nidhii Girl Treasure Hindu
Nidhipa Girl Treasure Lord Hindu
Nidhi Girl Principle Hindu
Nidhyana Girl Intuition Hindu
Nidhyathi Girl Meditation Hindu
Nidi Girl Shine Upon Hindu
Nidra Girl A Form Of The Devi Hindu
Niharika Girl Admired For Looks Hindu
Nihira Girl Treasure Hindu
Niju Girl Pansophist Hindu
Nikara Girl Collection Hindu
Nikhila Girl Complete Hindu
Nikhita Girl Earth Hindu
Nikita Girl Land, Earth, Ground, Soil, World Hindu
Nikitha Girl The Land, Earth, Ground, Soil, World Hindu
Nikki Girl Small Hindu
Nikshitha Girl Victorious Hindu
Nilakshi Girl Blue Hindu
Nilambari Girl Clothed In Blue Hindu
Nila Girl Moon Hindu
Nilasha Girl Blueness Hindu
Nilashri Girl Blue Beauty Hindu
Nilaya Girl Home Hindu
Nileena Girl Surrounded Hindu
Nileen Girl Surrendered Hindu
Nilima Girl Blue Hindu
Nili Girl Success Hindu
Nilshikha Girl Blue Mountain'S Top Hindu
Nima Girl To Adjust Hindu
Nimisha Girl Momentary Hindu
Nimita Girl Fixed Hindu
Nina Girl Beautiful Eyes Hindu
Ninarika Girl Misty Hindu
Nipa Girl One Who Watches Over Hindu
Nira Girl Consisting Of Water Hindu
Niradhari Girl Without Support Hindu
Niragha Girl Sinless Hindu
Nirahankara Girl She Who Is Without Egoism Hindu
Niraimadhi Girl Full Moon Hindu
Nirajakshi Girl Lotus Eyed Hindu
Niral Girl Calm Hindu
Nirali Girl Different Hindu
Niramala Girl Pure Hindu
Niramayee Girl Pure Hindu
Niranjana Girl Joyful Hindu
Niranjani Girl Epitome Of Hotness Hindu
Nirantara Girl She Who Is All Hindu
Nirargala Girl Unimpeded Hindu
Niravadya Girl Faultless Hindu
Nirbha Girl To Shining Forth Hindu
Nirguna Girl Attribute-Less Hindu
Niriksha Girl Unseen Hindu
Nirja Girl Goddess Lakshmi Hindu
Nirjhari Girl Watery Hindu
Nirmada Girl Who Is Without Pride Hindu
Nirmala Girl Clean Hindu
Nirmayi Girl Without Blemish Hindu
Nirmita Girl Created Hindu
Nirmitha Girl Created Hindu
Nirmohini Girl Free From Illusion Hindu
Nirnashini Girl Deathless Hindu
Nirosha Girl Goddess Lakshmi Hindu
Nirupama Girl Matchless Hindu
Nirupa Girl Same As Gayatri Hindu
Nirvana Girl Deep Silence Hindu
Nirvani Girl Goddess Of Bliss Hindu
Nirvi Girl Bliss Hindu
Nirvighna Girl Without Obstacles Hindu
Nirvikara Girl She Who Is Unchanging Hindu
Nischala Girl Immovable Hindu
Nishadi Girl Twilight Hindu
Nisha Girl Night Hindu
Nishchala Girl Unwavering Hindu
Nishi Girl Alert Hindu
Nishika Girl Honest Hindu
Nishita Girl Alert Hindu
Nishithini Girl Night Hindu
Nishka Girl Honest Hindu
Nishkalanka Girl Who Is Faultless Hindu
Nishkama Girl One Who Is Without Desire Hindu
Nishkamuka Girl Desire, Wish, Want, Will, Yearning-Less Hindu
Nishma Girl Bright Hindu
Nishtha Girl Determination Hindu
Nishthha Girl Diligence Hindu
Nistaranga Girl Laxmi Hindu
Nistha Girl Firmness Hindu
Nita Girl Moral Hindu
Nitara Girl Deeply Rooted Hindu
Nitha Girl Carried Hindu
Nithi Girl Destiny Hindu
Nithilam Girl Pure Like The Pearl Hindu
Nithya Girl Eternal Hindu
Niti Girl Ethics Hindu
Nitika Girl Niti Means Policy Hindu
Nitima Girl Girl Of Principles Hindu
Nitvabuddha Girl Who Is Ever Wise Hindu
Nitva Girl Constant Hindu
Nitya Girl Eternal Hindu
Nityapriya Girl Ever Pleasing Hindu
Nityasha Girl Eternal Hope Hindu
Nityasri Girl With Eternal Beauty Hindu
Nitvasuddha Girl Who Is Eternally Pure Hindu
Niva Girl Sun Hindu
Nivecdharshini Girl Beautiful Hindu
Nivedita Girl Surrendered Hindu
Nivriti Girl Bliss Hindu
Nivritti Girl Non Hindu
Niyathi Girl Fate Hindu
Niyati Girl Destiny Hindu
Noopur Girl Anklet Hindu
Noshi Girl Sweet Hindu
Nripa Girl King Hindu
Nupoor Girl Anklete Hindu
Nupura Girl Anklet Hindu
Nushi Girl Sweet Hindu
Nusrat Girl Help Hindu
Nutan Girl New Hindu
Nuti Girl Worship Hindu
Unique Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With N In Sanskrit / Latest N Letter Names For Girl Hindu, Or Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With N With Meanings, this list contains 230 names and meanings.


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