Unique Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With M

Unique Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With M / Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With M In Sanskrit, Or Latest M Letter Names For Girl Hindu...With Meaning. In this post you will see that all girl name first letters start with "M" (gender, religion and meaning of name).  

Unique Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With M / Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With M In Sanskrit, Or Latest M Letter Names For Girl Hindu...With Meaning.

Names  (Latest M Letter Names For Girl Hindu) Gender Meaning Religion
Madalsa Girl Daughter Of A Gandharva Hindu
Madan mohini Girl Who Attracts Cupid Hindu
Madana Girl Cupid Hindu
Madanika Girl Aroused Hindu
Madani Girl Vine Hindu
Madharasi Girl Queen Of Women Hindu
Madhava Girl Full Of Intoxication Hindu
Madhaveepriya Girl Lover Of Lord Krishna Hindu
Madhavi Girl Honey Hindu
Madhavilata Girl A Flowering Creeper Hindu
Madhija Girl Earth Hindu
Madhooki Girl Mango Tree Hindu
Madhu chandi Girl Poetry Part Hindu
Madhu nisha Girl Peaceful Night Hindu
Madhubala Girl Sweet Girl Hindu
Madhuchanda Girl Honey Moon Hindu
Madhugeeta Girl Pleasant Song Hindu
Madhu Girl Honey Hindu
Madhuilka Girl A Creeper Hindu
Madhuja Girl Made Of Honey Hindu
Madhuksara Girl One Who Showers Honey Hindu
Madhulata Girl Lovely Creeper Hindu
Madhulekha Girl Beautiful Hindu
Madhulika Girl Nectar Hindu
Madhul Girl Sweet Hindu
Madhumadhvi Girl A Creeper Hindu
Madhumalati Girl A Flowering Creeper Hindu
Madhumathi Girl Delightful Moon Hindu
Madhumati Girl Full Of Honey Hindu
Madhumitha Girl Sweet Person Hindu
Madhunisha Girl Pleasant Night Hindu
Madhupadma Girl Sweet Lotus Hindu
Madhupriya Girl Fond Of Honey Hindu
Madhupushpa Girl A King Of Flower Hindu
Madhura Girl Sweet Hindu
Madhureema Girl Honey Hindu
Madhuri Girl Honey Hindu
Madhurika Girl Aniseed Hindu
Madhurima Girl Sweet Girl Hindu
Madhur Girl Melodious Hindu
Madhurya Girl One Is Sweet Hindu
Madhusha Girl Beauty Hindu
Madhushree Girl Beauty Hindu
Madhushri Girl Beauty Of Spring Hindu
Madhusri Girl Beautiful Spring Hindu
Madhuvarsha Girl Who Rain Honey Hindu
Madhuyaamini Girl Bestower Of Honey Hindu
Madhvi Girl A Creeper Hindu
Madhvija Girl Born Of Honey Hindu
Madhya Girl Center Hindu
Madirakshi Girl With Intoxicating Eyes Hindu
Madira Girl Nectar Hindu
Madnashini Girl She Who Destroys Pride Hindu
Madri Girl Wite Of Pandu Hindu
Maegha Girl Clouds Hindu
Maeghamaala Girl Garland Of Clouds Hindu
Maeghana Girl Of Clouds Hindu
Maegharanjani Girl Lover Of Clouds Hindu
Maesha Girl A Rashi Hindu
Magadhi Girl Flower Hindu
Magana Girl Engrossed Hindu
Maghi Girl Giving Gifts Hindu
Mahabhadra Girl Ganga River Hindu
Mahadevi Girl Goddess Durga Hindu
Mahaesvari Girl Wife Of Lord Eswara Hindu
Mahaganga Girl The Great Ganga Hindu
Mahagauri Girl Goddess Durga Hindu
Maha Girl Gazelle Hindu
Mahajabeen Girl Beautiful Hindu
Mahakali Girl Goddess Durga Hindu
Mahakanta Girl Earth Hindu
Mahak Girl Fragrance Hindu
Mahalakshmi Girl Goddess Lakshmi Hindu
Mahalaxmi Girl Laxmi Hindu
Mahamaya Girl Goddess Durga Hindu
Mahananda Girl The Greatest Happiness Hindu
Mahaniya Girl Praise Worthy Hindu
Maharaani Girl Emperors Wife Hindu
Mahashri Girl The Great Sacred Word Hindu
Mahashweta Girl Saraswati Hindu
Mahasri Girl Goddess Laxmi Hindu
Mahasvaeta Girl The Greatest Purity Hindu
Mahasveta Girl Very White Hindu
Mahasweta Girl Goddess Saraswati Hindu
Mahati Girl Great Hindu
Maheeja Girl Born To Great Hindu
Mahendri Girl A River Hindu
Maheshi Girl Goddess Parvati Hindu
Maheshwari Girl Goddess Durga Hindu
Mahijuba Girl A Hostess Hindu
Mahika Girl Earth Hindu
Mahilam Girl Cheerful Hindu
Mahima Girl Glorious Hindu
Mahira Girl Superemely Talented Hindu
Mahishi Girl Queen Hindu
Mahismati Girl Trich In Buffaloes Hindu
Mahita Girl Greatness Hindu
Mahitha Girl Greatness Hindu
Mahi Girl The World Hindu
Mahiya Girl Joy Hindu
Mahua Girl An Intoxicating Flower Hindu
Mahubala Girl Sweet Girl Hindu
Maina Girl A Bird Hindu
Maithili Girl Goddess Lakshmi Hindu
Maitra Girl Triendly Hindu
Maitregi Girl A Sage’S Wife Hindu
Maitreya Girl The Name Of A Sage Hindu
Maitreyi Girl A Wise Woman Hindu
Maitri Girl Friendship Hindu
Majari Girl Basil Hindu
Makali Girl The Moon Hindu
Maki Girl True Record Hindu
Makshi Girl Honeybee Hindu
Maksika Girl Bee Hindu
Makuli Girl A Bud Hindu
Mala Girl Bad One Hindu
Malaha Girl Beauty, Lovely, Pulchritude, Garnishee Hindu
Malaimagal Girl Goddess Parvathi Hindu
Malaiyarasi Girl Queen Of The Hills Hindu
Malar Girl Flower Hindu
Malashree Girl An Early Evening Melody Hindu
Malatee Girl Jasmine Hindu
Malati Girl Flower Hindu
Malavika Girl One Who Lived In Malva Hindu
Malawati Girl A Raagini Hindu
Malaya Girl A Creeper Hindu
Malayanil Girl A Creeper Hindu
Malaysia Girl Sandalwood Trees Hindu
Maliha Girl Strong Hindu
Malika Girl Flower Hindu
Malina Girl Tower Hindu
Malini Girl As Beautiful As Flowers Hindu
Malin Girl Woman From Magdala Hindu
Maljumana Girl Beautiful Hindu
Malkah Girl Queen Hindu
Malka Girl Queen Hindu
Malkie Girl Queen Hindu
Mallaesvari Girl Goddess Durga Hindu
Malli Girl Flower Hindu
Mallika Girl Jasmine Hindu
Malsi Girl Evening Music Hindu
Malti Girl Moonlight Hindu
Malvika Girl One Who Lived In Malva Hindu
Mamata Girl Love Hindu
Mamta Girl Motherly Love Hindu
Manadha Girl Giving Honour Hindu
Manaka Girl According To The Mind Hindu
Manal Girl A Bird Hindu
Manali Girl A Bird Hindu
Mana Girl Mind Hindu
Manana Girl Meditation Hindu
Mananya Girl Deserving Praises Hindu
Manasa Girl Pleasant To The Heart Hindu
Manasi Girl A Lady Hindu
Manasika Girl Of Mind Hindu
Manas Girl Mind Hindu
Manasvi Girl Good Hindu
Manasvini Girl Durga Hindu
Manasvita Girl Desire, Wish, Want, Will, Yearnings Intelligence Hindu
Manaswini Girl High Minded Hindu
Manaswita Girl Desire, Wish, Want, Will, Yearnings Intelligence Hindu
Manavi Girl Daughter Of Man Hindu
Manavta Girl Humanity Hindu
Manayi Girl Wife Of Manu Hindu
Manbassi Girl Good For Heart Hindu
Manda Girl A River Hindu
Mandaakini Girl A River Moving Slowly Hindu
Mandaara Girl A Flowering Plant Hindu
Mandakini Girl A River Hindu
Mandakranta Girl A Sanskrit Meter Hindu
Mandana Girl Cheerful Hindu
Mandara Girl Mythical Tree Hindu
Mandarmalika Girl A Garland Of Celestial Hindu
Mandasmita Girl A Special Smile Hindu
Mandavi Girl Wife Of Bharat Hindu
Mandeepa Girl Light Of Heart Hindu
Mandeep Girl Light Of Heart Hindu
Mandira Girl Temple Hindu
Manditha Girl Adorned Hindu
Mandodari Girl With Narrow Abdomen Hindu
Mandra Girl Pleasant Hindu
Maneka Girl Intern Hindu
Manga Girl Goddess Durga Hindu
Mangaiarasi Girl Queen Of Ladies Hindu
Mangai Girl Cultured Lady Hindu
Mangala Girl Auspicious Hindu
Mangali Girl A Name Hindu
Mangalya Girl Pious Hindu
Mangataayaaru Girl A Famous Name Hindu
Mangla Girl Auspicious Hindu
Mani kuntala Girl Hair Like Gems Hindu
Mani mala Girl Necklace Of Gems Hindu
Mani prabha Girl Gem’S Grace Hindu
Manideepa Girl A Lamp Of Precious Stones Hindu
Mani Girl Gem Hindu
Manika Girl Jewel Hindu
Manik Girl Gem Hindu
Manikyaamba Girl Goddess Parvathi Hindu
Manikyam Girl Jewel Hindu
Manikyamma Girl The Mother Of Jewels Hindu
Manila Girl Jewel, Gem, Pearl Of A Son Hindu
Manimaala Girl Gem Necklace Hindu
Manimala Girl A String Of Pearls Hindu
Manimekhala Girl A Girdle Of Gems Hindu
Maninee Girl Resolute Hindu
Manini Girl Self Respected Hindu
Maniprabha Girl A String Of Beads Hindu
Maniratna Girl Diamond Hindu
Manisha Girl Desire Hindu
Manishi Girl Desire, Wish, Want, Will, Yearningd By Heart Hindu
Manishika Girl Intelligence Hindu
Manisi Girl Desire, Wish, Want, Will, Yearningd By Heart Hindu
Manisila Girl A Jewelled Stone Hindu
Manisitha Girl Wisdom Hindu
Manitha Girl Honoured Hindu
Maniva Girl A Glass Bead Hindu
Manja Girl Cluster Of Blossoms Hindu
Manjari Girl Bud Of A Mango Tree Hindu
Manjira Girl Ankle Bells Hindu
Manjistha Girl Extremely Hindu
Manju lata Girl Cute Hindu
Manjubala Girl Beautiful Girl Hindu
Manjubhargavi Girl Goddess Lakshmi Hindu
Manjula Girl Lovely Hindu
Manjulika Girl A Sweet Girl Hindu
Manju Girl Pleasant Hindu
Manjusha Girl Lady With A Sweet Voice Hindu
Manjushri Girl Goddess Laxmi Hindu
Manjusri Girl Saraswati Hindu
Manjyoti Girl Light Of Intern Hindu
Manjyot Girl Light Of The Mind Hindu
Manka Girl Bead Hindu
Manmatha Girl God Of Love Hindu
Manmayi Girl Jealous Hindu
Manmohini Girl A Attractive Hindu
Manna Girl Heavenly Hindu
Manoevati Girl Who Follows Hearts Desire Hindu
Manohara Girl Attractive Hindu
Manohari Girl An Ear Ornament Hindu
Manoja Girl Born Of The Mind Hindu
Manokamma Girl Heart’S Desire Hindu
Manorama Girl Attractive Hindu
Manoranjana Girl Entertaining Hindu
Manorita Girl Of The Mind Hindu
Manoritha Girl Of The Mind Hindu
Manpreet Girl Of Interest To Heart Hindu
Mansa devi Girl A Goddess Hindu
Mansa Girl Desire Hindu
Mansha Girl Wish Hindu
Mansi Girl With A Sound Mind Hindu
Manthika Girl Thoughtful Hindu
Mantika Girl Thoughtful Hindu
Mantra Girl Hymns Hindu
Mantrana Girl Counsel Hindu
Manuja Girl Daughter Of Man Hindu
Manu Girl Of The Mind Hindu
Manushi Girl Woman Hindu
Manushri Girl Lakshmi Hindu
Manusi Girl Woman Hindu
Manya Girl Worthy Of Honour Hindu
Mara Girl Bitter Hindu
Maragadham Girl A Gem Hindu
Marala Girl Swan Hindu
Marali Girl Female Swan Hindu
Maralika Girl A Little Swan Hindu
Mardava Girl Softness Hindu
Mardini Girl The Destroying Hindu
Margapali Girl Protecting The Roads Hindu
Margi Girl Traveller Hindu
Marichika Girl Mirage Hindu
Marichi Girl Name Of A Star Hindu
Marici Girl Beam Of Light Hindu
Marina Girl Soft Wollen Cloth Hindu
Mari Girl Prosperous Hindu
Marisa Girl Mother Of Daksa Hindu
Mariyamma Girl Prosperous Hindu
Marjani Girl Purifying Hindu
Markandeya Girl A Devotee To Lord Shiva Hindu
Marsha Girl Respectable Hindu
Marudham Girl The Lush Green Fields Hindu
Marudhvathi Girl Durga Hindu
Maruta Girl Flashing Hindu
Maruti Girl Son Of Marut Hindu
Maryada Girl Limit Hindu
Marya Girl Mark Hindu
Masara Girl Emerald Hindu
Masila Girl Pure Hindu
Masilmani Girl Pure Hindu
Masum Girl Innocent Hindu
Mata Girl Injunctions Hindu
Matangi Girl A Devi Hindu
Mateah Girl Honoured Hindu
Mateshwari Girl Consort Of Mateshwara Hindu
Mathangi Girl Add Meaning Hindu
Mati Girl Gift Of God Hindu
Matrika Girl Mother Hindu
Matri Girl Mother Hindu
Matsya Girl Fish Hindu
Mauna Girl Silence Hindu
Mauna- Girl Silent Hindu
Mauni Girl Quiet Hindu
Maurvi Girl Bowstring Hindu
Mausami Girl Seasonal Hindu
Mausam Girl Season Hindu
Mausumi Girl Beauty Hindu
Maya devi Girl Mother Of Buddha Hindu
Maya Girl Durga Hindu
Mayanki Girl Deer Marked Hindu
Mavyavati Girl Wite Of Kamadeva Hindu
Mavyoori Girl Peahen Hindu
Mayra Girl Beloved Hindu
Mayuka Girl Name Of Parvathi Hindu
Mayukhi Girl Peahen Hindu
Mayura Girl Illusion Hindu
Mayurakhsi Girl Eye Of The Peackock Hindu
Mayuree Girl Peahen Hindu
Mayurika Girl Baby Peahen Hindu
Mayuri Girl Peahen Hindu
Medha Girl Goddess Saraswati Hindu
Medhani Girl Of Intelligence Hindu
Medhavini Girl Scholar Hindu
Medhya Girl Mighty Hindu
Medini Girl Earth Hindu
Meenakshi Girl Eye Hindu
Meenal Girl Precious Gem Hindu
Meena Girl Precious Gem Hindu
Meenu Girl Girl With Fish Eves Hindu
Meera Girl A Devotee Of Krishna Hindu
Megha Girl Cloud Hindu
Meghaja Girl Born Of The Clouds Hindu
Meghamala Girl Array Of Clouds Hindu
Meghana Girl Cloud Hindu
Meghanand Girl The Joy Of Clouds Hindu
Meghavali Girl A Row Clouds Hindu
Meghavini Girl Intelligence Hindu
Meghmala Girl Group Of Clouds Hindu
Meghna Girl River Ganges Hindu
Meghnath Girl Cloud Hindu
Meha Girl Cloud Hindu
Mehak Girl Sweet Smell Hindu
Mehal Girl Cloud Hindu
Mehar Girl Kindness Hindu
Mehuli Girl A Small Rain Cloud Hindu
Mehul Girl Rain Hindu
Meitraeyi Girl Worthy Of Friendship Hindu
Mekala Girl Dear, Beloved, Darling, Sweetheart, Favorite Hindu
Mekhala Girl Slope Of A Mountain Hindu
Mela Girl Religious Gathering Hindu
Melatie Girl Jasmine Hindu
Mena Girl Female Parrot Hindu
Menaha Girl Celestial Damsel Hindu
Menaja Girl Goddess Parvati Hindu
Menaka Girl A Celestial Dancer Hindu
Menita Girl Wise Hindu
Menitha Girl Wise Hindu
Meni Girl Thunderbolt Hindu
Menka Girl An Apsara Hindu
Menmoli Girl Speaks Kindly Hindu
Meru Girl Meru Hindu
Metali Girl Friendship Hindu
Meyyalagi Girl Truely Beautiful Girl Hindu
Meyyammal Girl Truthful Girl Hindu
Meyyarasi Girl Truthful Hindu
Midhila Girl A Town Name From Epics Hindu
Midhuna Girl A Rashi Hindu
Mihika Girl Dew Drops Hindu
Mihira Girl Feminine Form Of Mihir Hindu
Milana Girl Union Hindu
Mili Girl A Meeting Hindu
Milika Girl Desiring Union Hindu
Mina Girl Fish Hindu
Minakshi Girl Fish Eyed Hindu
Minal Girl A Precious Stone Hindu
Minali Girl Fisher Woman Hindu
Minati Girl Prayer Hindu
Minimol Girl Small Daughter Hindu
Minnalkodi Girl Lightning Hindu
Minnal Girl Lightning Hindu
Minnoli Girl Brilliant Like Lightning Hindu
Minu Girl A Gem Hindu
Mira Girl Admirable Hindu
Mirati Girl Mirror Hindu
Miraya Girl Lord Krishna'S Devotee Hindu
Mirium Girl Wished Hindu
Mirthika Girl Mother Of Lands Hindu
Misha Girl God Like Hindu
Mishika Girl Gift Of Love Hindu
Mishka Girl Gift Of Love Hindu
Mishti Girl Sweet Person Hindu
Misri Girl Loving Hindu
Mita Girl A Friend Hindu
Mital Girl Friendship Hindu
Mitali Girl Tfriendly Hindu
Mithila Girl Sita Devi'S Kingdom Hindu
Mithilesh Girl Master Of Mithila Hindu
Mithi Girl Truthful Hindu
Mithra Girl Friend Hindu
Mithuna Girl Star Name Hindu
Mitra Girl Friend Hindu
Mitravati Girl Daughter Of Krishna Hindu
Mitravinda Girl Possessor Of Friends Hindu
Modin Girl Delightful Hindu
Mohana Girl Attractive Hindu
Mohati Girl As Beautiful As Pearl Hindu
Mohi Girl Attractive Hindu
Mohini Girl Charming Hindu
Mohinidevi Girl Fascinating Hindu
Mohisha Girl Intellect Hindu
Mohita Girl Attracted Hindu
Mohitha Girl Infatuated Hindu
Mohmaya Girl An Evergreen Tree Hindu
Moksha Girl Salvation Hindu
Mokshda Girl A Name Hindu
Mokshitha Girl Free Hindu
Moksin Girl Free Hindu
Molina Girl Tree That Grows From Root Hindu
Monal Girl Bird Hindu
Mona Girl Soaked Hindu
Mona- Girl Solitary Hindu
Monisha Girl Intellectual Hindu
Moordhanya Girl Highest Hindu
Moorti Girl Statue Hindu
Moubani Girl A Flower Hindu
Moukthika Girl Goddess Lakshmi Hindu
Mouli Girl Sacred Thread Hindu
Mounica Girl Of Silent Nature Hindu
Mounika Girl Silence Hindu
Mridini Girl Goddess Parvati Hindu
Mridu Girl Gentle Hindu
Mridula Girl An Ideal Woman Hindu
Mridulita Girl Softness Hindu
Mridul Girl Soft Hindu
Mrig lochana Girl Eyes Like Dear Hindu
Mrigendra Girl Lion Hindu
Mrinalika Girl Stem Of Lotus Hindu
Mrinali Girl Lotus Stem Hindu
Mrinalini Girl Lotus Hindu
Mrinal Girl Lotus Hindu
Mrinmayee Girl Deer'S Eye Hindu
Mrinmayi Girl Of The Earth Hindu
Mrithubashini Girl Soft Spoken Girl Hindu
Mrithulika Girl Soft Hindu
Mritsa Girl Good Earth Hindu
Mrittika Girl Mother Earth Hindu
Mrudani Girl Another Name For Parvathi Hindu
Mruda Girl Parvati Hindu
Mrudula Girl Soft Hindu
Mrudul Girl Soft Hindu
Mrudu Girl Soft Hindu
Mrunali Girl Lotus Stalk Hindu
Mrunalini Girl A Collection Of Lotuses Hindu
Mrunal Girl Lotus Stack Hindu
Mrunmayi Girl Made Of Land, Earth, Ground, Soil, World Hindu
Mruthula Girl Soft Natured Hindu
Mudita Girl Glad Hindu
Mudiyarasi Girl Queen Hindu
Mudra Girl Healing Hand Movement Hindu
Mudrika Girl Ring Hindu
Mugdha Girl Innocent Young Girl Hindu
Mukta keshini Girl Open Haired Hindu
Muktabha Girl Shine Of Pearls Hindu
Mukta Girl Liberated Hindu
Muktavali Girl Necklace Of Pearls Hindu
Mukti Girl Liberation Hindu
Mukula Girl Bud Hindu
Mukul Girl Bud Hindu
Mukulika Girl A Small Blossom Hindu
Mukulita Girl Bud Hindu
Mukunda Girl Giver Of Freedom Hindu
Mukundi Girl Giver Of Freedom Hindu
Mulika Girl Bud Hindu
Mullaivadivu Girl Like Mullai Flower Hindu
Mundri Girl Ring Hindu
Muneera Girl Illuminating Hindu
Muni Girl A Sage Hindu
Munia Girl Cute Girl Hindu
Muniya Girl Name Of A Bird Hindu
Munni Girl Cute Girl Hindu
Mura Girl Bitter Hindu
Murad Girl Desire Hindu
Murali Girl Flute Hindu
Murdhanya Girl Highest Hindu
Murdhula Girl Soft Hindu
Murli Girl Flute Hindu
Muskan Girl Smile Hindu
Mutyam Girl Pearl Hindu
Myria Girl Prosperous Hindu
Mythili Girl Sita Hindu
Mythily Girl Sita Hindu
Mythreyi Girl Dimple Hindu
Mythri Girl Friendship Hindu
Unique Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With M / Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With M In Sanskrit, Or Latest M Letter Names For Girl Hindu...With Meaning, this list contains 491 names and meanings.


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