B Letter Names For Girl Hindu With Meaning

Latest Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With B With Meaning / Modern Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter B In Hindu, Or Unique B Letter Names For Girl Hindu...  In this post you will see that all girl name letters start with "B" (gender, religion and meaning of name).

Latest Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With B With Meaning / Modern Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter B In Hindu, Or B Letter Names For Girl Hindu.

Names (Unique B Letter Names For Girl Hindu In Sanskrit) Gender Meaning Religion
Babita Girl Little Girl Hindu
Babitha Girl Daughter Hindu
Badari Girl Jujube Tree Hindu
Badharika Girl Name Of A Goddess Hindu
Bageshri Girl An Indian Musical Raag Hindu
Bahugandha Girl One With Lot Of Scent Hindu
Bahula Girl A Star Hindu
Baidehi Girl Sita Hindu
Baijanti Girl Name Of Flower Hindu
Baijayanthi Girl Garland Of Lord Vishnu Hindu
Baijayanti Girl Flag Hindu
Bairavi Girl Goddess Durga Hindu
Baisakhi Girl Of The Month Baishakh Hindu
Baishali,vaishali Girl An Ancient City Hindu
Baka Girl Crane Hindu
Bakul Girl A Sweet Hindu
Bakula Girl Nagakeshar Flower Hindu
Bakuli Girl Resembles A Crane Hindu
Bala Girl A Young Girl Hindu
Balamani Girl Form Of Saraswathi Hindu
Balanandhini Girl Affectionate Hindu
Baleswari Girl Parvathi Hindu
Ballari Girl Creeper Hindu
Banamala Girl Forests Hindu
Banani Girl Forests Hindu
Bandana Girl Worship Hindu
Bandhula Girl Charming Hindu
Bandhura Girl Pretty Hindu
Banhi Girl Fire Hindu
Banhishikha Girl Flame Hindu
Bani Girl Goddess Saraswati Hindu
Banita Girl Woman Hindu
Banjani Girl Kids Greeting Hindu
Banmala Girl A Garland Of Wild Flowers Hindu
Banni Girl Maiden Hindu
Bansari Girl Flute Hindu
Bansi Girl Whistle Hindu
Bansuri Girl Flute Hindu
Barkha Girl Rain Hindu
Barsha Girl Rain Hindu
Baruni Girl Goddess Durga Hindu
Basabi Girl Wite Of Lord Indra Hindu
Basanti Girl Of Spring Hindu
Bavishya Girl Future Hindu
Beena Girl A Musical Instrument Hindu
Bela Girl Evening Time Hindu
Belli Girl Silver Hindu
Bhachendhri Girl Famous Name Hindu
Bhadra Girl Gentle Hindu
Bhadrakali Girl Auspicious Kali Hindu
Bhadrapriya Girl Auspicious Hindu
Bhadrasri Girl Protector Hindu
Bhadravati Girl Goddess Of Welfare Hindu
Bhagavanthi Girl Fortunate Hindu
Bhagavathi Girl Parvathi Hindu
Bhageswari Girl Famous Raga In Music Hindu
Bhagini Girl Born Along With Hindu
Bhagirathi Girl The Ganges Hindu
Bhagwanti Girl Lucky Hindu
Bhagwati Girl Goddess Durga Hindu
Bhagya Girl Blessing Hindu
Bhagyalakshmi Girl Goddess Of Wealth Hindu
Bhagyashree Girl Fortunate Hindu
Bhagyashri Girl Lucky Hindu
Bhagyawati Girl Lucky Hindu
Bhairavi Girl Goddess Durga Hindu
Bhajana Girl Devoted Hindu
Bhakthilatha Girl With Devotion Hindu
Bhaktidayini Girl Giver Of Dedication Hindu
Bhakti Girl Devotion Hindu
Bhaktipriya Girl She Who Is Fond Of Hindu
Bhama Girl Prayer Hindu
Bhamini Girl Lady Hindu
Bhanavi Girl Sacred Hindu
Bhandhavi Girl Relative Hindu
Bhandhavya Girl Worth Relationship Hindu
Bhanuja Girl River Yamuna Hindu
Bhanulatha Girl Flower Hindu
Bhanumanjari Girl Sensitive Hindu
Bhanumati Girl Famous Hindu
Bhanuni Girl Charming Woman Hindu
Bhanupriya Girl Dear, Beloved, Darling, Sweetheart, Favorite Of The Sun Hindu
Bhanurekha Girl Sun Rays Hindu
Bhanusri Girl Rays Of Laxmidevi Hindu
Bhanu Girl Sun Hindu
Bharani Girl Name Of A Celestial Star Hindu
Bharati Girl Goddess Saraswati Hindu
Bharavipriva Girl Form Of Devi Hindu
Bharavi Girl Radiant Sun Hindu
Bhargavi Girl All Hindu
Bharka Girl Rain Hindu
Latest Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With B With Meaning Modern Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter B In Hindu B Letter Names For Girl Hindu Read The Full List
Bhashitha Girl Of Good Speaking Hindu
Bhaskaramani Girl Jewel Glowing Like Sun Hindu
Bhaskari Girl Lighting Hindu
Bhasura Girl Intelligent Hindu
Bhaumi Girl Goddess Sita Hindu
Bhava Girl Ecstacy Hindu
Bhavana Girl Feeling Hindu
Bhavanasri Girl Beautiful Hindu
Bhavani Girl Goddess Parvati Hindu
Bhavanika Girl Living In A Castle Hindu
Bhavi Girl Emotional Hindu
Bhavika Girl Cheerful Expression Hindu
Bhaviki Girl Sentimental Hindu
Bhavini Girl Emotional Hindu
Bhavita Girl Imagined Hindu
Bhavitha Girl Futuristic Hindu
Bhavna Girl Good Feelings Hindu
Bhavya sundhari Girl Beautiful Women Hindu
Bhavya Girl Grand Hindu
Bhawani Girl Illuminating Hindu
Bhawna Girl Feelings Hindu
Bheema Girl Goddess Durga Hindu
Bhikshaka Girl A Star Hindu
Bhilangana Girl A River Hindu
Bhima Girl Powerful Hindu
Bhimeswari Girl Parvathi Hindu
Bhinna Girl Separated Hindu
Bhinumathi Girl Parvathi Hindu
Bhogavati Girl Curving Hindu
Bhooma Girl Earth Hindu
Bhoomi Girl Earth Hindu
Bhoomika Girl The Earth Hindu
Bhrahmani Girl Brahmin Women Hindu
Bhramara priya Girl Bee Hindu
Bhramara Girl A Bumble Bee Hindu
Bhramaramba Girl Gowri Hindu
Bhramarambika Girl Gowri Hindu
Bhramari Girl Bee Hindu
Bhrithi Girl Strengthened Hindu
Bhuhathi Girl Greatest Hindu
Bhujatha Girl Seetha Hindu
Bhumayi Girl Tfull Of Existence Hindu
Bhumi Girl Earth Hindu
Bhumija Girl Sita Hindu
Bhupali Girl A Raagini In Indian Music Hindu
Bhuputhri Girl Sita Hindu
Bhurika Girl Earth Hindu
Bhusa Girl Embellishment Hindu
Bhusha Girl Embellishment Hindu
Bhuti Girl Well Being Hindu
Bhuvadha Girl Attention Hindu
Bhuvanamati Girl Owner Of The World Hindu
Bhuvanasundhari Girl Lakshmi Hindu
Bhuvana Girl The Earth Hindu
Bhuvi Girl Heaven Hindu
Bijali Girl Lightening Hindu
Bijal Girl Lightening Hindu
Bijli Girl Lightening Hindu
Bilva Girl Auspicious Fruit Hindu
Bimala Girl Pure Hindu
Bimba Girl Image Hindu
Bimbha Girl Image Hindu
Bimbi Girl Glorious Hindu
Bina Girl Melodious Hindu
Binata Girl The Wife Of Sage Kashyap Hindu
Bindhiya Girl Dew Drop Hindu
Bindhulatha Girl The Like Of Rain Drops Hindu
Bindi Girl Small Drop Hindu
Bindiva Girl Drop Hindu
Bindu Girl Drop Hindu
Bindumati Girl Wise Hindu
Bindurekha Girl A Line Of Dots Hindu
Binita Girl Modest Hindu
Binodini Girl Handsome Hindu
Bipasha Girl A River Hindu
Birva Girl Leaf Hindu
Bishakha Girl Star Hindu
Bodhi Girl Enlightenment Hindu
Bodhini Girl Wise Hindu
Bora Girl Snow Hindu
Brahmani Girl Wife Of Lord Brahma Hindu
Brahmi Girl Holy Hindu
Bratati Girl Creeper Hindu
Brhadbhasa Girl The Great Splendor, Grandeur, Magnificence, Bravery Hindu
Brijabala Girl Daughter Of Nature Hindu
Brinda Girl Radha Hindu
Briti Girl Strength Hindu
Bruhathi Girl Famous Hindu
Brundha Girl Basil Hindu
Brundheswari Girl Tulasi Hindu
Buddhana Girl Aware Hindu
Buddhi Girl Intelligence Hindu
Buji Girl A Nick Loving Name Hindu
Latest Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With B With Meaning / Modern Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter B In Hindu, Or Unique B Letter Names For Girl Hindu, this list contains 184 names and meanings.


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